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[OOC; leave character name, sn, journal and available times]


The people in this city are sex driven maniacs. It's no wonder that one woman got herself drunk at that party.

I think a Sex Ed. class is in order. Let me know if you want to attend, though it probably won't be held until late next week. It'll cover.... The basics. AIDs, condom use, STDs, and maintenance of the organs.

...Don't get any funny ideas. It's only going to be one class. That's it.

Idiot Wizard. Those two wanted to go see a movie of some kind. They wanted to ask if you were interested.

...I'm going to bed now.


Who the hell would have thought the first place I end up is a prostitution district. Which is next to the University campus.

THIS is why I didn't want to come to America. Those bastards...
Who the hell uses that chloroform trick anymore, anyways!? DAMN IT!

Looks like I'll be getting to see the town at least. I'm hoping there's a lot more to this place then what I saw last night.
...It's best that Tomoyo-hime's friend left when she did. That was disgusting.

[OOC; strike-outs were deleted]